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      Site notice


      Product category
      Grain feed
      Flour mill instruments
      plant oil instruments
      laboratory equipments
      oil instruments
      Way of contact

      JinanShengtaiInstrument Co,.ltd
      TEL:86-531-85919987 85929987
      Add:No.102, Fenghuang hill Road ,Tianqiao District, Jinan City ,Shandong Province


          Jinan ShengtaiInstrument CompanyLimitedprofessional commitment to the promotion of laboratory equipment and industrial testing equipment, is a strong technical foundation of high-quality Professional Company, products are widely used in tertiary institutions, quality inspection units, scientific research institutions, grain and oil reserves, as well as food, flour, dairy products, feed, oil plants and other industries. The company has a professional high-tech talent and a vibrant high-quality sales team, with highly efficient View details>>

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      聯系電話:0531-85919987 85929987 85897987 81870987 傳真:0531-85897987 聯系郵箱:shengtaiyiqi777@live.cn
      Company Product:Whiteness meter,Gluten Analyze,Azotometer,Crude fat analyzer,Falling number analyzer,

      Crude fiber analyzer,Electronic farinograph WEB:www.richylsb.com 魯ICP備09005993號